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Posted: Apr 18, 2015 10:30 PM MDT
Updated: Apr 19, 2015 8:21 AM MDT
Rob O’Neill among special guests at fundraiser for Republican Party
By Keele SmithCONNECT

Rob O’Neill among special guests at fundraiser for Republican Party

Former Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill, Senator Steve Daines and family at Hometown Heroes event

Rob O’Neill, a former Navy SEAL, best known for killing Osama bin Laden, was one of the featured guests at a fundraiser for the Republican Party near Bozeman.

“For those of you who do not know our story, I’m going to play this clip just to catch you up,” Hard Drive author Mary Todd, another guest, said.

From CBS This Morning: “The death of a young American engineer in Singapore raised powerful questions that are still unanswered two years later. Police say Shane Todd committed suicide but his family believes he was murdered.”

Author Mary Todd wrote the book Hard Drive about her son Shane who she says was murdered in Singapore.

“I’m telling the American people about what’s going on in our government and what’s going on today,” Todd said.

“It’s not a Republican or democratic story, it’s an American story.”

Todd was one speaker at the Hometown Heroes event, a fundraiser for the Gallatin County Republicans Central Committee.

“The money goes toward get out the vote and also to support local Republican candidates,” organizer Seyum Lampard said.

O’Neill, a former Navy SEAL, best known for killing Osama bin Laden, was another crowd favorite.

“Even though Rob is known for one mission, he’s actually been on more than 400 missions he’s one of the most highly decorated Navy service men that’s we’ve ever had,” Lampard said.

It was a sold out crowd with 450 people in house, including Senator Steve Daines and Congressman Ryan Zinke.

“Rob O’Neill is a hero. He’s a hero and a warrior. I served with him in the Red Team, he’s a warrior,” Zinke said.

This is also a chance to honor local vets programs like Horses & Heroes based in Manhattan.

“This summer we have slots in our program for 20 guys to go through our three phase program,” Horses & Heroes Board Member Jennifer Carlson said. “There are so many Montana combat veterans, even just at MSU, 600. So we really want to reach out to those guys.”

O’Neill was unable to speak to us because he is under contract with Fox News.

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Special Guests

Robert O’ Neill

Member of Seal Team 6, Butte, Montana native – A highly-trained Navy SEAL, he held combat leadership roles in more than 400 combat missions in four different theaters of war.

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Mary Todd

Author and Speaker

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Master of Ceremonies

Aaron Flint

Talk show host of “Voices of Montana” will be the Master of Ceremonies for our “Hometown Heroes” event.

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