Big Sky Pachyderms

Fellow Pachyderms and Friends:Please join us for our regularly scheduled November 6 Pachyderm meeting which will be held at the Holiday Inn, 7th and Baxter, in Bozeman at 6:30 PM. Our guest speaker will be Debra Lamm, candidate for the Montana legislature and head of Montanans Against Common Core. Debra is a lawyer who has appeared on the Glenn Beck program as a nationally recognized expert on Common Core. This is a dinner meeting, but buying dinner is not a requirement to attend.


Glen Swope, President
Big Sky Pachyderms

For further information, contact Glen Swope, President at,  548-2219.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is first, to provide a practical means for broad citizen participation in politics. Second our goal is to promote practical political education and the dissemination of information on our political system. Third, to promote development of potential leaders, and lastly, to assist in carrying out the purposes of the Republican Party in providing leadership in government, protecting individual rights and freedoms, promoting clean government with local emphasis, and keeping the public informed on the status of their government.

Meeting Schedule

Every 1st Thursday of the month at 6:30PM at the Holiday Inn. We bring speakers in to educate on a variety of topics. All are welcome! Reservations are not required and an off- menu lunch will be offered if you are hungry! Buying dinner is not required to attend.


Position Name Contact
President Glen Swope LINK
Vice President Paul Landsgaard LINK
Secretary Barbra Frost LINK
Treasurer Ken McCulloch LINK

Board of Directors

Position Name Contact
Board Director: Don Hart LINK
Board Director: Barb Frost LINK
Board Director: Peggy Hart LINK
Board Director: Paul Landsgaard LINK
Board Director Ken McCulloch LINK