What We Believe

 Gallatin Republicans believe in the following:

Religious Freedom

We believe in God and prayer. We have the right to believe and follow our religious convictions.
Our individual rights come from God, not man or government. They are inalienable rights.

Life, Liberty, and Property Rights

These rights are protected under the Constitution and cannot be taken away by government. The
government is established to protect and insure these rights. Life at all stages should be honored
and protected

Limited Constitutional Government

Our Constitution established a contract between the people, the states and the federal government.
The federal government only has those powers that are delegated to it by the Constitution.  Powers are
given to the state and the federal government by the people.  We have the responsibility to defend
and follow our state and
federal Constitutions.

Individual Liberty and Personal Responsibility

Under our Constitutional system, it is the duty of each individual to be responsible for himself or
herself, and those that they have in their charge. We must have the freedom to succeed or fail. We
believe in individual initiative and self-reliance. We are the ones who can best choose how to
spend our money and how to lead our lives. That is not the purpose of government. Rather, the
purpose of government is to keep us free.

Strong National Defense

The Constitution calls upon the federal government to be the protector of our borders and to insure
our nation against foreign attack. We respect and honor our military forces as they represent the
greatest attributes of our country. We support our troops wherever they may be fighting.

Free Market Capitalism

The government should help foster a free market environment that allows businesses to operate
freeley and efficiently.  It is not the right of the government to create monopolies that unfairly
compete with other companies. We believe small businesses are the backbone of our economy.

Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The Second Amendment was established by congress in the Bill of Rights.  This amendment is both a
check on the power of the federal government and another method to keep our nation safe from foreign
invaders. The right of the citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.


Citizenship is both a responsibility and a blessing.  Only those people who have come to our nation
legally and who have followed the established legal path to citizenship should be given the title
of American Citizen.  We believe our borders should be protected and respected.

Fiscal Responsibility

We believe lower taxes and reduction of wasteful government spending are critical for our nation’s
prosperity. Furthermore, we support downsizing the size and scope of the federal government so as
to reduce the debt being placed on future generations. The government should operate within its
means.  Congress has the responsibility for coining and printing of money and as such, should audit
the Federal Reserve and establish a strong dollar policy.

Our Heritage

As Americans and Republicans, we respect and honor our culture, our history, and the legacy that
has been given to us by our founders.  The United States of America is the greatest nation that has
ever existed.  We are honor bound to protect and promote the heritage that has made our nation the envy of the world.