Gallatin County By-Laws


These rules are created for the governance of the Gallatin County Republican Central Committee,
hereinafter referred to as “Central Committee”, and these rules shall be effective when not in
conflict with State laws or rules and regulations of the Montana Republican Party and will govern
the organization, the conduct of its meetings, and the business of the Committee, its officers,
committees, and its County Convention(s).


The Gallatin County Republican Central Committee (GCRCC) is established as the embodiment of
Republican Party activities in Gallatin County Montana. It is one of 56 like organizations in the
State of Montana operating under the Montana State Republican Party. This basic element of the
Republican Party shall be formed to select, elect and support the Republican Party elected
officials that represent the people of Gallatin County for County and State elected offices.


These rules shall become effective at the time of their adoption and shall continue in force for
the governance of the Committee and its present and future membership, unless amended as provided
hereinafter. Hereinafter, “mail” is a method of transmitting information and written documents by
national and privatized services, which includes electrical means such as Internet, email, faxes,
and other electronic methods.


Central Committee membership shall be of two levels; Full members and Associate members.
All members shall be living, active (active as defined by the Gallatin County Clerk and Recorder
/ Election Official), and registered resident electors of Gallatin County.

Full members shall have full privileges of the floor to make motions, debate and vote on matters
before the Central Committee. Full members shall be comprised of the following:
1.   All Republican Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen representing each precinct in Gallatin
County. The Central Committeemen and Committeewomen from every precinct in Gallatin County shall be
elected at the primary election each even- numbered year and will serve till the next primary
election. Committeemen and committeewomen shall be residents and living active registered voters of
their precincts. If a vacancy occurs, due to death, resignation, or no longer a resident of the
precinct, the remaining members of the Central Committee may appoint by majority vote a precinct
C: /Republican/GCRCC By-Laws January 2009.doc

resident to fill the vacancy as an appointed precinct committeeman or committeewoman. Appointed
Committeemen and Committeewomen shall serve until the next primary election. Committeemen and
committeewomen serving in their precinct may appoint any registered Republican voter from their
precinct as Precinct Workers to assist in accomplishing Central Committee goals and objectives.
These Precinct Workers shall be identified to and registered with the Central Committee Secretary
and Precinct Chairperson.
2.   Each voting member shall be entitled to only one vote in accordance with one person, one vote

Any County Central Committee officer or precinct person who takes a public stand on any ballot
issue or contested Republican primary must clearly state in the context of that public comment that
he/she is not speaking on behalf of the Gallatin County Republican Party.


The Committee shall elect the following officers to serve for a period of two (2) years or until
successors are elected.
1.  Chairman and Vice-Chairman (One of whom must be a man and one of whom must be a woman).
2.  Secretary
3.  Treasurer
4.  One (1) State Committeeman and one (1) State Committeewoman
5.  One (1) Congressional Committeeman and one (1) Congressional
6.  Finance Chairman

No officer may serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office. It is not necessary
for the officers to be precinct committeemen or committeewomen, but they must be registered
electors of the county.


The County Chairman shall be the recognized leader of the Republican Party in Gallatin County. He
or she shall preside at all meetings of the Committee and the County Executive Board, and shall be
an ex-officio member of all committees; shall serve as the official representative of the Committee
when authorized by such Committee; and shall have the usual powers of supervision and management as
may pertain to the office of County Chairman.

The duties of the County Vice-Chairman shall be assigned by the Chairman. In the absence of the
Chairman, the Vice-Chairman shall perform the duties of the Chairman; he or she shall serve on the
County Executive Board. In the temporary absence of both the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman, the
County Chairman may appoint a temporary chairman from the Committee membership or from the
Executive Board.

The Secretary shall maintain all Committee records and keep minutes of all meetings of the
Committee and of the County Executive Board; notify members of all scheduled meetings; handle all
correspondence; and perform other duties as assigned by the Chairman.

The Treasurer shall handle all finances of the Committee; keep a record of income and expenses;
prepare required financial reports; help prepare the annual budget; and disburse funds upon the
approval of the Committee. All checks must be signed by the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall present
a report at each regular meeting of the Committee and periodic financial statements to the Chairman
and the County Executive Board at such times as they designate. He or she
shall file all tax forms and any other financial reports required by law.

The State Committeeman and State Committeewoman shall represent Gallatin County on the State
Central Committee; act as liaison between the Committee and the Republican State Central Committee;
and serve on the County Executive Board.

The Congressional Committeeman and Congressional Committeewoman shall represent the County on any
Congressional District activity or committee; serve as host and hostess to all official visitors
from outside the State; and serve on the County Executive Board.

The Financial Chairman shall raise funds for the County Republican Party and serve on the County
Executive Board.

The Precinct Committeeman and Committeewoman duties include but are not limited to the following:
!  Attend Central Committee meetings and County Conventions.
!  Identify, recruit and encourage all voters in precinct to vote Republican.
!  Organize Precinct Workers to accomplish Central Committee goals to include registering new
voters, supporting the early voting/absentee ballot process and getting involved in the GOTV (Get
out the Vote) campaign.
!  Support Republican candidates for local, county, state and national offices. This includes going
door-to-door to meet with and distribute literature in support of Republican candidates.
!  Assist in Fund Raising activities for the Central Committee and Republican
!  Vote in the Presidential Preference Caucus


In the event of a vacancy in any office, the office shall be filled at the next Committee meeting,
by election. Nominations may come from a nominating committee and/or from the floor. The Chair, if
vacated, shall be filled by the Vice-Chairman, unless he or she declines, who shall then hold
office for the remainder of the term.


There is hereby created an Executive Board of the County Central Committee. This Board shall
consist of the following members:

Chairman                                                         Women’s Club President
Vice-Chairman                                                Young Republican President Secretary
College Republican President Treasurer
Pachyderm President
State Committeeman
State Committeewoman
Congressional Committeeman                         Veteran Republican President if formed
Congressional committeewoman                     Senior Republican President if formed Finance
Chairman                                            Teenage Republican President if formed

1.   The Board shall meet on the call of the County Central Committee Chairman, or the call of the
majority of the members of the Board.
2.   The Board shall approve or disapprove all literature distributed publicly from the County
Central Committee Republican Headquarters which has not been approved by the Republican National
Committee or the Republican State Central Committee, or prepared by an individual Republican
3.   This Board shall advise and guide Republican affairs within the county.
4.   The Board shall propose the annual budget and adjustment in excess of $2000.00 that become
necessary to meet commitments and program objective, for approval by the Central Committee. The
Chairman shall have the authority to commit, not to exceed
$500.00 per each disbursement, for items outside the budget.


County Central Committee meetings shall be held monthly on the third Tuesday of each month at a
place to be determined by the Central Committee, unless suspended either by a majority vote of the
Central Committee or by a majority vote of the Executive Board. Should meetings be suspended for
any reason, the suspension shall be no longer than two months. County Central Committee meetings
are open to all interested persons.

Special meetings may be called by the Chairman, a majority of the members of the Executive
Board, or at least five (5) members of the Central Committee.

The Central Committee shall support the State Presidential Candidate Preference Caucus at the call
of the State Chair in accordance with Montana State Republican Party Rules.

County Convention Meetings shall be as follows:
1.   The Central Committee shall hold its County Officers’ Convention in each odd-numbered year for
the purpose of electing officers. This convention shall be held between February
1 and May 15 to conform to Montana State Party Rule
2.   The Central Committee shall meet in Delegate Convention in Presidential election years at the
call of the County Chairman for the purpose of electing delegates and alternates to the State
Delegate Convention, in accordance with state laws and Republican Party rules.
3.   Notice of conventions shall be in the normal manner. In addition, public notice shall be
published in the newspaper of the county seat fifteen (15) days prior to the convention.
4.   Precinct vacancies must be filled not less than sixty (60) days prior to a Convention. All
appointments must be filed immediately with the County Clerk and Recorder.

Notice of all meetings shall be given by mail or email to all Central Committee members at least
seven (7) days prior to any meeting. The notice shall include the date, time, and place of the
meeting. Notice of suspension shall be given by mail or email to each Central Committee member at
least four (4) days prior to the date of the regularly scheduled meeting.

The order of business should include:
1.   Call to order
2.   Invocation
3.   Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
4.   Roll Call for Quorum purpose
5.   Secretary Report: Minutes of the previous meeting
6.   Treasurer Report
7.   Committee Reports
o Standing committee reports
o Special committee reports
8.   Chairman’s report
9.   Unfinished business
10. New business
11. Announcements
12. Good of the Order
13. Adjournment
14. Program

A quorum for the transaction of business by the Central Committee shall be based upon no fewer than
nine (9) Precinct Committeemen or Committeewomen, either present in person or by
written proxy.
A majority vote at any meeting shall be more than one-half of those members present and voting. All
members shall be entitled to participate in all meetings, and to vote either in person or by proxy.
A proxy shall be in writing, hand carried, mailed, faxed or emailed to the Secretary prior to the
specific meeting for which it applies. The proxy shall be dated, and valid only for the specific
meeting. The proxy holder may be a resident elector of the same geographical area represented by
the absent member.
All voting shall conform to the one person, one vote ruling.

Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern all meetings of the Committee insofar as they are not
inconsistent with these By-laws.


These rules may be amended at any meeting of the Committee by two-thirds (2/3) vote of those
present and voting. At least fifteen (15) days written notice of the time, date and place of the
meeting must be mailed to each member, together with a copy of all proposed amendments to these
rules to be considered at such meeting.

Residency, of Precinct Committeemen or Committeewomen, shall be the primary domicile located within
the precinct area for 60 days before either being considered for election or appointment. When an
individual vacates that particular domicile and is not living within that same precinct, he or she
therefore does not meet criteria as defined by M.C.A. 13.38.201 and thus obligated to resign that
position. Failing to resign, the member shall be removed in accordance with M.C.A. 13.38.204.

Candidates for Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen desiring to be appointed shall present
themselves to the Central Committee prior to their acceptance for nomination and election to the
Central Committee.
Originally adopted:    November 16, 1977
Amended: November 17, 1982, April 16, 1985, September 19, 1989, September 18, 1990, March 19, 1991,
August 24, 1993, September 19, 1995, February 15, 2000, June 20, 2000,
June 2003, January 2006, March 2008, January 2009.